Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging

Boulter Electrical LTD are a Falcon Electric premier partner and approved installer for the Electron EVW and EVP charging range with the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV).

The benefits of having a dedicated charging station

Instead of using a domestic socket to plug into and charge your car, a dedicated Charging Station will communicate with your vehicle whilst plugged in which is safer, reducing the risk of overheating and other faults.

Charge times are greatly reduced when using one of our approved Car Charging Points, customers report a charge time reduced by 30 to 60%.

Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme

With the increase in demand for Electric Vehicles, grants are available from the Government for approved Car Chargers installed by authorised and registered companies with funding in the form of a grant which covers 75% of the installation cost or a maximum of £350 incl. VAT.

Our team provide a hassle free experience from start to finish, completing the paperwork involved with the grant, and providing a walk through on how to make the most out of your new Car Charger.

The works involved are minor and our qualified Electricians complete works in a timely and professional manor.

If you need more information on domestic Car Chargers then please call us and one of our Engineers will be more than happy to answer your questions.

EV Charging
EV Charging

Electron EVW 7.2kW Tethered Lead – Charging

Workplace Charging Scheme

The Office of Low Emission have announced the introduction of funding to commercial premises for the installation of Charging Points and a grant of £350 can be claimed per point up to a maximum of 20 points.

The applicant of the grant will be granted a voucher which can be redeemed and installed by Boulter Electrical. Unlike the Home Scheme, commercial premises do not necessarily need to have an Electric Vehicle on site. However, to obtain a grant, a demand for the EV point must be justified in the initial application.

The process of applying for a Voucher couldn’t be simpler. Once you have completed the application form and you have been successful, your Voucher will be emailed to you. You then have 4 months for an Approved Installer to come to your site and install your Charge Point.

Electron EVP 22kW Socket – Workplace Charging
EV Comply


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